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London Attack : Politicians vs. Internet

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In her speech on Sunday June 4 2017, after the London bombing, Prime Minister Theresa May accused the Internet of providing a safe space for the propagation of extremist ideologies. “There should be no place for messages that the authorities cannot read,” she said, while Interior Minister Amber Rudd said she wants companies to restrict the use of end-to-end encryption. But cybersecurity experts are particularly critical of the notion of decrypting messages, leaving a “back door” in their systems for authorities to read user messages. Disabling encryption in popular applications is not a guarantee of security because criminals can create their own applications while citizens are exposed to attacks by criminals, voyeurs and spies, reports Colin Doctorow, a journalist and activist of digital rights. YouTube representatives have pointed out that extremist messages represent only a small proportion of the ten million videos that are deleted annually. Facebook and Google stated that there is no place on their websites for terrorist content.


BBC UK, Monday June 05 2017 »