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Alternative Future[S Competition

The AlternativeFuture[S] Competition is open to all creative promoter: students, artists, professionals (creator, lecturer, researcher, etc.).

Organised as part of the international conference “Digital Humanism: values and models for tomorrow?”, it aims to make visible the best creative achievements, innovative, relevant, sensitive, unusual … about how you represent the future, yours and the others: others geographically, economically, in other places that invite alternative futures, invent other development models.

What role does technology take place in our daily lives, professional, relational, social and private? In what kind of world we will grow up in? What new opportunities can we expect, anticipate, construct, deconstruct with the digital human activities generalisation? What are the concerns with these hybridizations? Are they predictable, desired? What are the essential values that need to be preserved or created? What representations, what stories, what images, what projections you want to debate on?

Deliverables (in digital format) can be text (story, essay, story, play), videos (short format), posters, displays, digital applications.

They must be submitted via the form below before 31 August 2016  september 10th, 2016. (New Deadline!)

They can deal with the #Digital Cities, #Digital Life, #Identities and Governance Changes

Brought by the UNESCO ITEN Chair, with the support of the UNESCO network ORBICOM, everyone who is interested in the theme of Digital Humanism is invited to relay this initiative.

The selection criteria for each project are coherence, originality, demonstrative effectiveness and aesthetics of realization.

3 Prizes and endorsements by media will be awarded: 1 “Grand Prix”,  1 “Special Jury Prize” 1, 1 “Young Creation Prize”. Computer and graphics hardware will be awarded to the winners, the winning work will be published and promoted through the international network.

If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

Thank you for your participation, it is essential to give your / our future colors of your talents!

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