Innorobo 2017: The four most unusual robots of the exhibition

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From Tuesday 16 to Thursday May 18, the 2017 edition of the Innorobo Hall was held on the piers of La Plaine Saint-Denis in Paris. Visitors were welcomed with demonstrations of more than 160 exhibitors, conferences and debates. CNET France chose the four most unusual robots of the exhibition. The first place was for robot fish, endowed with artificial intelligence, multiple sensors, and built on the model of bio-mimicry, Miró, the fish, swims with the autonomy and flexibility of a real fish, and is able to record its swimming with an integrated video camera, and also offers the possibility of being controlled with a joystick. Second was Stinger, a robot two meters high and 400 kilograms weight, inspired by the movie “Terminator”, which is able to follow people with the look and can move autonomously for ten minutes. Twin Bristlebot occupied the third place. It is a small machine capable of following a predefined line drawn on the ground. And the future of shopping in the supermarket could be the shopping cart of the association QUENVI Robotics. This cart, which ranks fourth in this list, is a kit to modify any shopping cart, and is able to follow the trail of its owner through the different sections of the store. In addition the customer can manually enter the information of each product placed in the car.