Humanisme numérique - Event - WSIS

Digital Humanism at the WSIS 2016 Forum

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Semantis, the G9+ Institute and UNESCO ITEN Chair will be speaking at the WSIS 2016 Forum and shall expose the deep relationship that exists between the economy and society in a digital world and the urgent need to develop a digital social contract.

Multilingualism and cultural diversity have proven to be of major importance to Internet access and the proper use of online services. Linguistic tools are crucial for education, initial and ongoing training, as well as creativity and content creation.

Using one’s native language generates innovation at a local level for emerging nations and economies in developing countries, as well as aspects related to migration worldwide.
The issue of multilingual ICT will be addressed during the WSIS 2016 forum, as well as the impact on our ways of thinking and the creation, innovation and transmission of knowledge. Multilingualism also covers the ethical side of dignity and equality. It therefore requires a level of public policy regarding education, administration, libraries, urban planning and cultural heritage: How is digital content channelled through media within our societies?

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) is the world’s largest annual gathering of Information Technology and Communication for development community. The Forum, co-hosted by UIT, l’UNESCO, le PNUD et la CNUCED, has proven to be an effective mechanism for exchanging information, coordinating multi-stakeholder implementation activities and sharing best practices in order to achieve development goals.


  • Margaret Dunham
  • Richard Delmas
  • Didier Carré
  • Ghislaine Azemard
  • François Hada
  • Viola Kreb
  • Anne-Marie Laulan

Practical Information

2 May 2016
End : 5 May 2016
Venue : Union Internationale des Télécommunications UIT
Place des Nations. 1202 Genève. Suisse