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The first police robot was produced by a spanish company

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The Spanish company PAL Robotics has created the first police robot in Dubai. This humanoid robot called REEM, with 100 kilos and 1.70 meters high, provides an interactive service for citizens, who can ask him the questions, pay fines and report certain crimes. In fact, REEM can activate police presence at the moment of a complaint. His eyes are two cameras that have 80% facial recognition, however he cannot arrest anyone or bear arms. Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi, general manager of the Department of Intelligence Services in Dubai and chief of robotic police project, said that in this first phase, “police robots” will be placed in all tourist attractions and shopping centers with the goal to staff 25% of the police force in 2030. Carlos Vivas, PAL Robotics sales manager, says that it is not the company’s policy to be involved in military projects, but admits that these are very lucrative contracts, without disclosing the amount of robots ordered by the authorities of Dubai.


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